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The ideal picnic mat brought to you by Kollab, a favorite Aussie brand.


Kollab Mini Mats offer water resistance, ease of folding, and their compact dimensions make them perfect for sharing with your little one, a furry companion, or for when you're on the go. They make an excellent gift for a Baby Shower, Birthday, or simply as a thoughtful gesture.


The Kollab Mini Mat features an adjustable strap, allowing you the freedom to fold or roll them up as you please, and then customize the strap to secure them. With a waterproof lining to keep you warm and dry, and a soft foam base for comfortable ground coverage, these Mini Mats have your outdoor comfort in mind. Trust Kollab, a favorite Aussie brand, to provide the perfect solution for your picnic needs.


Add the Kollab Mini Mat to our Iconic Luxe Basket for a perfect gift duo!

Kollab Picnic Mat

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