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Choose this charming and practical esky lunch bag for your gifts. You can fill it up with goodies, and we’ll ensure it looks fantastic when it gets delivered!


Stay cool in the Aussie heat with our Holiday Lunch Boxes – designed to keep your goodies extra chilled with premium padded PEVA lining. Plus, we've got the planet in mind – these lunch boxes are crafted from recycled plastic bottles, making them an eco-friendly choice for your daily adventures.


Why you'll love them:

  • Premium Cooling: Padded with top-notch PEVA lining to ensure your lunch stays refreshingly cool, no matter the temperature outside.

  • Eco-Friendly Construction: Made from recycled plastic bottles, because we believe in keeping it green while you keep it cool.

  • Perfect On-the-Go Companion: Ideal for your daily commute to work or school, these lunch boxes are here to make your lunchtime a breeze.


Choose our Holiday Lunch Boxes for a fresh, cool, and eco-conscious way to enjoy your meals during those sunny Australian days!

Kollab Lunch Bag - Summertime

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