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Mother’s Day: Cost-Free Ways to Make Mum Feel Special

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it's time to celebrate the amazing mums in our lives with some true-blue Aussie spirit. While big splurges are alright, it's often the little, heartfelt things that mean the most. This Mother’s Day, instead of digging deep into your pockets, why not focus on simple, thoughtful gestures that'll make Mum feel like a true Aussie legend? Here are some dinky-di ideas to get you started:


1. Tidy Up the Dunny

Start the day by getting stuck into some chores. Give the dunny a good scrub, vacuum and mop the floors, change the sheets, and give the place a proper spruce-up. Mum will love having a clean and tidy home to relax in.


2. Netflix & Chill with Mum

Is there a movie or TV show that Mum’s been dying to watch? Set up a cosy movie marathon right in your own lounge room. Grab some Tim Tams, a bag of popcorn, and settle in for a ripper movie sesh with Mum. If you haven’t seen Ginny & Georgia yet – binge on this, it’s AWESOME!


3. No Complaining, Just Good Vibes

Spend some quality time with Mum without any whingeing or carrying on. Whether it’s going for a walk along the beach, having a chat about life, or just kicking back and enjoying each other's company, make sure Mum knows how much she means to you. Sit on the patio and chew some fat over a glass of Car-don-nay. Fancy and fun! 😉


4. Cook Up a Storm

Instead of heading out for tea, treat Mum to a homemade meal cooked with love. Whip up her favourite dishes or try your hand at making something new together (let’s face it, whatever mum doesn’t have to cook, she will LOVE!). Whether it’s a classic spag bowl, a pavlova, or a good old-fashioned BBQ, Mum will love the effort you put in.


5. DIY Crafts

Get crafty and make Mum a homemade gift or card. Whether it’s a hand-painted terracotta pot with a succulent inside, or a card decorated with native flora, the personal touch will make Mum’s heart swell with pride.


6. Plan a Virtual Get-Together 

If you can't be with Mum in person, organise a virtual get-together to celebrate Mother’s Day. Round up the family for a video call filled with laughs, stories, and reminiscing. She will LOVE this.


7. Bushwalk with Mum

Take Mum on bushwalk and soak up the beauty of the great outdoors together. If you live in Southern WA the Bibbulmun track has many entry points between Perth and Albany and is great a little day, or half day hike. Kalamunda is our favourite day trip entrance. Mum will love spending time in nature with you.


8. DIY Spa Day at Home

Create a relaxing spa experience at home and pamper Mum from head to toe. Run her a bubble bath with some lavender oil mixed with a little coconut oil, light some candles, and put on some soothing tunes. If it’s not too weird, offer to give her a foot massage or treat her to a DIY facial using avocado or classic egg whites.


9. Pen a Poem or Letter

Put pen to paper and write Mum a heartfelt poem or letter expressing your love and gratitude. Share your favourite memories, inside jokes, and the reasons why she’s the best Mum in the world. It’s a gift that she’ll treasure for years to come.


10. Plant a Veggie Patch Together

Get your hands dirty and plant a veggie patch with Mum. Whether you’ve got a big backyard or just a few pots on the balcony, growing your own veggies is a great way to create a lasting memory with mum. Plus, Mum will love having fresh, homegrown produce to cook with.


This Mother’s Day, let’s show our Mumma bears just how much they mean to us with some love and appreciation. Whether it’s a simple act of kindness or a heartfelt gesture, make sure Mum knows she’s the real MVP. After all, there ain’t no bond stronger than the one between a mum and her kids. Happy Mother’s Day, Mum! You’re a legend!

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