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Have fun creating your own little gift box adventure! Start by adding a luxurious gift box to your cart, then wander around the website picking out your favourite items - we'll take it from there!

No need to worry about how little or how much you add to the box - we're experts at making them look AMAZING! With our wide range of box sizes, your gift will shine no matter what you choose to include!

Each gift box is carefully crafted with eco-friendly materials like recyclable boxes, crinkle paper, and satin ribbon, all inspired by nature. Plus, we'll include a personalised note with your heartfelt message.

* The recipient's address will be added during the checkout process in the 'shipping address' section.

Policy: Empty boxes may not be purchased. A minimum of 3 items will need to be purchased.

Add Gift Box & Card (Create Your Own Hamper)

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