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We love honey! We've been on a quest to find the world's best honey, and we believe we've found it. As long-time enthusiasts of this delicious honey, we're incredibly proud to stock it in our store. We're Perth's only supplier.


Southern Apiaries is a beloved small family business from Albany, run with heart by Heidi and Jeremy. You can usually find them at the Albany markets, often with a bouncing baby strapped to one of them. Their business epitomises what Little Gift Box is all about.


Sourced from the natural bushlands of the Great Southern in Western Australia, this creamed honey is 100% pure and free from any additives. The crystallisation process is carefully controlled to produce a silky smooth, creamy texture.


Perfect for spreading on warm toast or crumpets, it's a fantastic natural alternative to traditional spreads. 


*300ml Jar

Creamed Albany Honey

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