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Can't decide? Easy! Simply give us your budget and we will create a custom box that will be very well received. If you have any special requests (items you would like included/excluded), we can do that too.


Products include local food, honey, chocolate, beauty products, homewares and so much more. The selection is ever changing with the seasons and local availability. Each item has been carefully selected to ensure only the highest quality is included in our collection.


All gift boxes are gorgeously presented in nature inspired packaging including recyclable boxes, wood wool, and satin ribbon. They include a personised note with your special message.


If you would prefer to create your own custom Little Gift Box, no problem! Simply go to the "Products" section of our store and make your selections. You will also find the option to select the gift box and add a note to your recipient.


* The recipient's address will be added during the checkout process in the 'shipping address' section.

Let Us Create The Gift Box

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