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Introducing our "Sweet & Relaxing" Little Gift Box – filled with love and local delights. Priced at just $69.00 this gorgeous box is curated with delicious local goodies and handmade pamper products, making it the perfect token of affection.


'Sweet & Relaxing' Gift Box Contains:

  • Strawberries & Cream Rock Candy 95g (Ogilvie & Co. WA)
  • Caramel Fudge Sauce 110ml (Ogilvie & Co. WA)
  • Chocolate Cranberry Mini Pudding 80g (Ogilvie & Co. WA)
  • Raspberry and White Chocolate Cookies 75g (Ogilvie & Co. WA)
  • ‘Relax' Botanical Bath Soak - Keepsake Jar 100ml (Little Albany Factory. WA)
  • ‘Wild Rose" Natural Soap Block (Little Albany Factory. WA)
  • Natural Soap Saver Bag (Little Albany Factory. WA)
  • ‘Wild Rose’ Bath Fizzer (Little Albany Factory. WA)


Want to add more to this box? Simply go to the "PRODUCTS" page and add each item to your cart. We will then pack the with your Little Gift Box.


Item Swap Requests: You're welcome to make item exchange requests in the 'notes' section during checkout. We'll make every effort to fulfill your request.


* The recipient's address will be added during the checkout process in the 'shipping address' section.

‘Sweet & Relaxing’ Gift Box

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