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Capture the Essence of West Aussie Flavor with our 'West Aussie Delights' Box! Whether you're yearning to relive the vibrant tastes of Western Australia or share the culinary richness of this incredible region with someone special, our carefully curated collection of savory and sweet delights is certain to evoke the essence of West Aussie cuisine. Savor the flavors, share the joy, and let 'West Aussie Delights' transport you to the heart of Western Australia.


'West Aussie Delights' Contains:

  • Cheese Nibbles 50g (Ogilvie & Co. WA)
  • Garlic Nibbles 50g (Ogilvie & Co. WA)
  • Honey 200g (Ogilvie & Co. WA)
  • Milk Chocolate Rocky Road Chunky Slab 220g (Vinofood, Demark, WA)
  • Fig, Apple & Chardonnay Chutney 115g (VinoFood. Denmark, WA)
  • Tomato & Riesling Relish 110g (VinoFood. Denmark, WA)
  • Olives 115g (Ogilvie & Co, WA)
  • Antipasto Medley 120g (Ogilvie & Co, WA)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil 150ml (Cherryboots. Albany, WA)


Want to add more to this box? Simply go to the "PRODUCTS" page and add each item to your cart. We will then pack the with your Little Gift Box.


Item Swap Requests: You're welcome to make item exchange requests in the 'notes' section during checkout. We'll make every effort to fulfill your request.


* The recipient's address will be added during the checkout process in the 'shipping address' section.

'West Aussie Delights' Gift Box

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