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12 DIY Days of Christmas: Kids Crafting Joy with Little Gift Box

‘Tis the season for festive fun and creative cheer at Little Gift Box! Join us for our "12 DIY Days of Christmas," where each day unfolds a new and exciting craft for your little ones. Let the holiday crafting festivities kick into high gear as we dive into a world of personalised ornaments, whimsical snow (or sand!) globes, and other delightful creations. Get ready to make memories and spread joy with these 12 DIY Christmas gift ideas for kids.


Day 1: Homemade Ornaments -

Begin the merriment by crafting personalised ornaments! Whether it's salt dough creations or beaded wonders, these DIY ornaments will add a special touch to your tree. Here is a great site with easy instructions:


Day 2: Decorated Mason Jars -

Transform plain mason jars into festive wonders on Day 2! Paint, decorate, and fill these jars with holiday goodies for a charming and thoughtful gift. Check out this page for great ideas and instructions:


Day 3: Handprint/Footprint Crafts -

Capture the magic of childhood with handprint and footprint crafts. Turn these prints into adorable reindeer, Christmas trees, or snowmen on Day 3. Here is a great site for ideas:


Day 4: DIY Snow/Sand Globes -

Bring a winter OR SUMMER! wonderland indoors with DIY snow globes on Day 4. A jar, water, glitter, and a small figurine are all you need to create a personalised snow globe masterpiece. Martha Stewart has some good ideas here:


Day 5: Personalised Picture Frames -

Let your little ones showcase their creativity with personalized picture frames on Day 5. These frames are a canvas for their imagination and perfect for displaying cherished memories. Simply grab a frame and let them at it. Fun and EASY!


Day 6: Homemade Cards -

Spread holiday cheer with handmade cards on Day 6. From construction paper to glitter, encourage your kids to express their creativity and pen down heartfelt messages.


Day 7: DIY Wrapping Paper -

Elevate your gift-giving with custom wrapping paper on Day 7. Stamp or paint festive designs on plain paper, making each present a work of art.


Day 8: Crayon Art -

Dive into the world of colour with melted crayon art on Day 8. The melted crayon technique results in vibrant and unique creations that are sure to impress. Step-by-step instructions here:


Day 9: Puzzle Pieces Crafts -

Give new life to old puzzles with holiday-themed art on Day 9. Painted pieces can become ornaments or be glued onto cardboard for a festive masterpiece. Get the full rundown here:


Day 10: Sock Snowmen -

Transform simple white socks into adorable snowmen on Day 10. Fill them with rice or stuffing, decorate with buttons and felt, and watch these cute snowmen come to life. Here's a link to some easy 'no-sew' sock snowmen:


Day 11: Beach-themed Shell Art - Celebrate the Australian summer by bringing a bit of the beach indoors! On Day 11, collect a variety of shells, and let the kids create beach-themed art. They can arrange the shells on canvas or cardboard to make seashell masterpieces. Encourage them to get creative with the arrangement, and perhaps add a touch of paint for extra flair. These beachy creations will serve as a wonderful reminder of the sunny days ahead!

Day 12: Personalised Recipe Journals -

Conclude the "12 DIY Days of Christmas" with personalised recipe journals on Day 12. Decorate notebooks and fill them with favourite recipes or culinary drawings for a thoughtful and practical gift.


Get ready to embark on a festive journey with Little Gift Box's "12 DIY Days of Christmas." These creative crafts are sure to bring joy to your little ones and add a personal touch to your holiday celebrations. Happy crafting, and may your Christmas be filled with love and handmade treasures!

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